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It is important that you read carefully the Conditions of Sale of this website ("Conditions of Sale") before you place an order of products on our website ("Product"). Together with our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions of Use, our Conditions of Sale regulate any contracts related to the use of this website, as well as any sales made on this website. If you have any doubts over our Conditions of Sale please send an email to: info@referenzadeltempo.it.

To accept our Conditions of Sale, please check the "I accept" box in the order confirmation section before placing an order ("Order"). If you do not accept our Conditions of Sale, you will not be allowed to place any orders of products on our website.

Our Conditions of Sale do not affect your rights recognized by applicable mandatory provisions of law and in particular pursuant to the Legislative Decree no. 206/2006 ("Consumer Code") and the Legislative Decree no. 70/2003 ("E-commerce Code") of the Italian law.


Referenza del Tempo S.r.l. (“Referenza del Tempo”) is an Italian company registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Lucca. Its registered office is in Via di Sottomonte 70, Guamo, Capannori (province of Lucca) and its VAT number is 02590230468.

You can contact Referenza del Tempo at this email address: info@referenzadeltempo.it or at this phone number: +39 3293243683. info@referenzadeltempo.it or to our phone number: +39 3293243683.

These Conditions of Sale, for which Referenza del Tempo is responsible, apply to any purchase made on https://www.referenzadeltempo.it/


People of legal adult age residing in Italy, the European Union or an extra-EU country are entitled to buy on our website by clicking on the following link https://www.referenzadeltempo.it/.

Customs duties and further shipment costs are to be paid by the buyer.


Orders that are paid within 2 p.m. of a working day are shipped in the following 24-72 hours and delivered only on a working day (i.e. a day other than a Saturday, a Sunday or a public/bank holiday). Italy orders are normally delivered in 1-2 days, EU orders in 2-3 days and extra-EU orders in 2-5 days. The actual delivery date may vary depending on the location.

When a payment is made via bank transfer, approximate shipment time must be calculated starting from the day in which the payment is credited to our bank account.

In case of any delays in order processing during Christmas holidays (from 15 December to 8 January) or in August, we will let you know in plenty of time through a note visible on the home page of our website and during the checkout procedure.

Below are listed our shipment costs:

  • Shipments in Italy: 100€
  • Shipments in EU countries: 170€
  • Shipments in extra-EU countries: 190€

For further information on deliveries and returns, please read the FAQ section.


Online orders must be placed following these guidelines:

  • When you decide to buy an item, please click on "ADD TO CART" in order to add the item to your cart. To place your order you need to click on the "BUY IT NOW" button in your cart section. When you buy an item you do not have to register on our website, indeed our system automatically identifies you as a “Guest”. You will only be asked to provide us with the necessary data to process your order and issue the purchase document. The difference between an unregistered user and a registered user is that the latter has access to his or her client area, which contains the order information, the purchase document, the list of orders etc.
  • We recommend you to register and provide us with your personal data in order to access your reserved area. When you register you will be asked to choose a password. Please keep it confidential and do not tell it to anybody. Then you will be asked to write your e-mail address. We will send you the order confirmation and every following document to the e-mail address used for registration. In any case it is possible to choose a different address for delivery during the checkout procedure. If the delivery address and the address of the purchase document do not coincide, we will make sure that no cost information (purchase documents) is included in the shipped package. We always send the purchase document to the e-mail address used during the registration/order phase.
  • Registered users can access their accounts with their registration data.
  • Each order includes all of the costs that are to be charged, which are connected with products, accessories, possible shipping costs and applicable taxes. To place an order, it is necessary to accept our Conditions of Sale in full. Later on you will be asked to confirm the address of the purchase and shipment document, as well as your payment details.
  • After collecting all the necessary information, we will ask you to check their accuracy. If you find any mistakes, you can modify the order and correct the mistakes before sending us your order. It is your responsibility to check the accuracy of the order before sending it to us. If you have troubles placing your order, please contact us to our e-mail address: info@referenzadeltempo.it or to our phone number: +39 3293243683.
  • Payment authorisation is obtained during the phase of order registration. If your bank does not authorise the payment, we will not accept your order and the order procedure will be concluded.
  • We will send you a first e-mail confirming the receipt of your order. This e-mail will contain a summary of the Conditions of Sale applicable to the contract, the information concerning the main characteristics of the product, price details, payment and withdrawal procedure, shipment costs and applicable taxes, if any. The above-mentioned e-mail will be sent automatically to your registration e-mail.
  • If we cannot accept your online order for any reasons (wrong price displayed on our website, online order price calculated wrongly, out of stock item etc.), one of our team members will contact you within 7 working days from your order. After notifying you, we will credit your bank account with any amount that may have already been charged.

By placing an order, you make an offer for the purchase of one or more products at the price mentioned on our website. This offer has to be accepted by us. Prices are checked regularly. However, if we find any price variations or mistakes, we will ask you to confirm your willingness to buy the product at the correct price. Even if you confirm the purchase order, we will not have any obligation to deliver the product until you receive the second order confirmation e-mail. If you make a mistake in placing your order, please contact us as soon as you can by e-mail: info@referenzadeltempo.it or by phone: info@referenzadeltempo.it or to our phone number: +39 3293243683.

Please make sure to notify us before the receipt of the second order confirmation e-mail. After we send it to you, we cannot make any changes to orders. However, you are always granted the right of withdrawal, as stated afterwards.


Prices mentioned on the website of [https://rdt.ms-dev.it/] include Italian VAT tax, if applicable. Customs duties and further shipment costs are to be paid by the buyer. All payments are to be made at the same time as placing an order of one or more products by credit card or bank transfer. We only accept payments made with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro, Carta Si and bank transfer. If for any reasons we cannot accept an order, we will have the possibility of either not charging any sum or refunding the sum that may have already been paid for the order under the terms of the Italian law. We will not send any products before receiving payment in full. Prices may vary at any time, but these variations do not affect orders that have already been confirmed following the procedure described above. When a payment is made by credit card, the card owner may be subject to authentication and authorisation request. If the issuing body of the credit card or our service provider reject or for any reasons do not authorise or validate the payment, we will not be considered responsible for any delays or any failure to deliver ordered products. We will process your personal data pursuant to our Privacy Policy.

We do not accept payments by cheque. Couriers must not ask for any tips or extras in addition to the order total.


Even though we do our best to comply with the terms mentioned in the Delivery terms section for delivering the product(s) to the address provided, we cannot indicate the actual delivery date. If the products are not delivered because of any reasons − such as out of stock situations, which may be just temporary − within 30 days from placing the order or from another date differently agreed with you, you will have the possibility of withdrawing the order and we will refund you the price and any other sum you may have already paid. If the courier does not find you at the delivery address indicated in the order, the courier will make another attempt to deliver the order the following day free of charge. If the order cannot be delivered due to your absence, the courier will send the order back to their logistics. We also remind you that the janitor is for all intents and purposes considered a delegated person to receive deliveries in apartment buildings.

The first section of article no. 63 of the Italian Consumer Code, as modified by the Legislative Decree no. 21/2014 of the Italian law states that, “In the contracts that charge the seller with the obligation to ship the goods, the risk of loss or damage due to a cause not attributable to the seller is transferred to the consumer only when he or she, or a third designated party other than the courier, comes into possession of the goods”. The consumer becomes responsible for the goods only when they are delivered. The sole case in which this rule does not apply is when the courier has been chosen by the consumer and not recommended by the seller. In this case, the shift in responsibility already happens when the seller delivers the good to the courier. As a consequence, if the good is damaged or lost during the transport, the loss will be entirely sustained by the consumer, who, of course, will have the right to complain to the shipper/courier.


  1. You must inspect the products as soon as you receive them to check if there are any faults or damages. If you find any faults or damages, you will have to report them to us by writing an e-mail to: info@referenzadeltempo.it or by calling our phone number: +39 3293243683 within 2 (two) months. Pursuant to the Italian Consumer Code, Article 128 and following, if you discover a fault of the products within 2 (two) years from the delivery date, you will have to notify us of these faults by writing an e-mail to: info@referenzadeltempo.it or by calling our phone number: +39 3293243683 within 2 (two) months from the discovery of the faults. If you find out that a product was either damaged before delivery or faulty (not because of your use of the product), you will have the possibility of issuing an alternative request of return (a) product repair; (b) product return and request of refund, provided that the product has not been worn or used and damaged. For any complaints, please send an e-mail to: info@referenzadeltempo.it or to our phone number: +39 3293243683.
  2. II. These Conditions of Sale do not exclude our responsibility towards you for: death or personal injuries; fraud; any circumstances in which it would be unlawful to exclude or limit our responsibility towards you pursuant to applicable Italian legislation.
  3. With the exception of the application of the previous paragraph (II), we are solely responsible for losses due to any violations committed by us against these Conditions of Sale. This responsibility is exclusively limited to the price of the purchased product and to the refund of predictable damages. Damages are considered predictable if the parties could have predicted them when we accepted your order.
  4. With the exception of the application of the previous paragraph (III), we are not responsible for indirect damages that are an indirect consequence of the damage or the main loss and that are not predictable by the parties. This includes, with no limitation: loss of earnings or revenues; loss of job opportunities; loss of profit or contracts; or loss of savings. The above-mentioned provisions will not preclude the right to take actions for the loss or the damage suffered pursuant to applicable, mandatory rules of law and to paragraph (III) or any other action for the compensation of direct damages not excluded by one of the above-mentioned damage categories indicated in the current paragraph (IV).
  5. With the exception of the application of the previous paragraph (III), we are not responsible for any failure to, or delay in, fulfil our obligations pursuant to these Conditions of Sale due to reasons beyond our control such as the following examples: natural disasters, decisions of the authorities, war, fire, flood, explosion or insurrections, interruption of IT services or telecommunications, non-performance caused by third parties (including non-performance concerning the supply of data) and strike.

In any case the provisions of these Conditions of Sale do not entail any limitation to the rights granted by the Italian law.


If you are a consumer (i.e. you are not buying, not even partly, for your entrepreneurial, professional, commercial or artisanal business) you have the right, in addition to other rights of yours granted by the Italian law and our Conditions of Sale, to withdraw from the contract concluded with us regarding the purchase of our products in accordance with these Conditions of Sale and the regulations of Article 52 and following of the Italian Consumer Code (except for personalised products or other products that cannot be returned), as well as the right to receive from us the refund of the sums you might have already paid.

If you are willing to withdraw you have to send a written communication to our e-mail address: info@referenzadeltempo.it or to call us to: +39 3293243683 within 14 (fourteen) days from the delivery date . You should confirm your willingness to withdraw through a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within the following forty-eight hours.

If you choose to withdraw, you will have to arrange the return shipment and pay for all costs, except that we decide to pay for shipment costs. In any case, you will be responsible for the delivery of the product to the courier up until the product will be collected by a member of our team. We advise you to insure the return shipment properly. You must make sure to adopt reasonable measures of product safety. The details of the exercise of the right of withdrawal are provided together with the delivery note of the product.

Items have to be in perfect conditions, with untouched labels, as per the photographic record and the details provided at the moment of purchase.

The return of an online purchase only gives right to the refund of the sum paid depending on the payment method that was used. Our salespeople will check the content of the order and the product you are willing to return. They will send it back to our office for necessary technical inspection. They will also report on the reasons the buyer cited for returning the product (return because of product faults or because he or she did not like it).

For payments made by stored-value cards, refunds will be made by crediting the card on which the charge was originally made with the payment.
All refunds will be issued as promptly as possible and in any case within 14 (fourteen) days:

  • from our email confirming the cancellation of your order (if the products were not delivered to the address provided within 30 days from the order);
  • from our receipt of the returned products, the check on compliance and the refund of the price

For payments made by bank transfer, refunds will be made by crediting the bank account on which the charge was originally made with the payment. Before that, we will ask you to provide us with your IBAN code and all the necessary details to make the bank transfer.

Further return details will be provided by a member of our team in charge of the return procedure when you request to return the product. We will take charge of the return request within 5 working days from the receipt of the products at the address provided.


Jewels and watches come with a warranty lasting TWO YEARS from the date of shipment of the product and covering any manufacturing faults. The purchase document of the product is valid as the warranty of the product. All the products on sale on our website have a warranty certificate attesting their authenticity and listing their main characteristics.

Conditions of Validity of the Warranty:

a) The warranty ceases to be valid in case of wrong usage or alterations to the object;
b) The warranty of purchased goods lasts two years and is valid both in Italy and abroad;
c) Any repairs under warranty are free of charge, provided that the damage is accidental;
d) Repairs under warranty may take from 60 to 70 working days. Anyway, timings vary from case to case.

Our experts reserve the right to inspect the item to check if the product has manufacturing faults or if it was damaged accidentally. This analysis may take up to 30 days.

The warranty does not cover: batteries, glasses, aesthetic damage, discolouration of plating (mostly due to perfumes or cleaning products) as a consequence of the use and ageing of watches. Repairs under warranty have to be performed by us. Any technical alteration made by third parties will lead to the termination of the warranty.

The same principle is valid in case of interventions to substitute batteries, after which we will give you the certificate of the water resistance proof made on these types of watches. Lastly, our warranty does not cover damages or breaks caused by accidental impacts. In these cases, the warranty will not be valid.

Repairs under warranty are free of charge provided that we verify that the fault of a product is due to accidental causes.


Some products may look slightly bigger or smaller than their actual size because of display faults or photographic techniques. Other products may be shown bigger than their actual size in order to zoom in on their details or they may be shown smaller than their actual size in order to show the whole product.

We advise you to print our Conditions of Sale for future consultation. To download a pdf version of our Conditions of Sale, please click here. In any case, both e-mails you will receive contain our Conditions of Sale as a pdf attachment. by clicking here. In any case, both emails sent to you will contain these Terms of Sale as a pdf attachment.

All communications with us will be either in Italian or in English.

The formation, existence, interpretation, execution, validity and all aspects concerning our Conditions of Sale are regulated by the Italian law.

Any controversies with consumers, either caused by or related to our Conditions of Sale or Website Use, will fall into the competence of the judge of the residence or domicile location of the consumer, if situated in Italy. Otherwise, including the case in which the user is not a consumer according to the applicable provisions of the Italian law, the competence for the judgment of any controversies will be passed on exclusively to the Court of Lucca.

If a clause of our Conditions of Sale is considered invalid or ineffective, it will be disregarded. The rest of our Conditions of Sale will be considered valid and effective.

No delay in or failure to exercise any powers, rights or remedies by Referenza del Tempo pursuant to our Conditions of Sale will imply our waiver of them. At the same time the single or partial exercise of any powers, rights or remedies does not prevent the future or different exercise of them.

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